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Natural Foods For Diabetes

The basic principle of naturopathy is that the body has the ability to heal itself. It focuses on stimulating the body’s own vital force using these principles: clean air and water organic food exercise and healthy living Naturopaths are often trained in a range of skills which include herbalism, homeopathy, massage and nutrition and diet. The aim is to restore health and vitality by looking after the body in the way nature intended. Naturopaths believe that disease occurs when the body is thrown out of balance by the environment, genetic influence and destructive emotions – feelings such as hate or... read more

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Natural Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

Generally people tend to eat processed foods like chips, or cookies when they feel hungry. This is not a healthy habit as these foods tend... read more

Natural Foods Store

Everyone has access to healthy natural food but so many choose unhealthy alternatives. This is so ridiculous because healthy food is better in so many... read more

Natural Foods

We require Vitamin E to maintain good health and strength as it enables us to perform many important functions and prevents us from many diseases... read more

PavLok: The Breaking Bad Habits Wristband

Quitting smoking or losing weight are some of the resolutions that people make at the start of the New Year. Most people ended up never... read more

Anti-Aging Supplements That Have Science Backing Them Up

There are a few anti-aging supplements that have gotten the attention of the public because scientific studies actually back up the fact that they help... read more

Why Some People Look Years Older Than They Really Are

Why some people are looking older than their age It’s just a fact that some people age faster than others. Many factors go into this... read more

The Key to Preventing Premature Aging And Happiness

Happiness and preventing premature aging go hand in hand. No one wants to enter their later years in an unhappy situation from being physically and... read more

Probiotics Help You Look and Feel Younger

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of adding probiotics to your diet, you may have been under a rock for years. Probiotics may not... read more

Risk of long sitting

Why sitting is bad for you? Research has revealed that sitting for long periods increased the risk of blood pressure,  high blood sugar and even... read more