10 ways to Lose Weight Without Trying


 Choose alcohol or dessert, not both

To lose weight you have to cut down on calories, so it will be best to avoid alcohol if possible. if you drink a glass or two of wine you might end up with an extra 500 to 1,000 calories. Alcohol has more calories per gram(7) than carbohydrates(4) or protein(4).
I suggest you follow your first alcohol drink with a nonalcoholic such as sparkling water which has low calorie instead of just moving the next alcoholic drink.

Don’t drown your food
Avoiding dips and dressing will help cut calories. Most dips with cream carry over 100 calories which can lead to 10 to 15 grams fat for 4 tablespoons. Cook your vegetables with less fat and use lemon juice and herbs instead of dressing and high fat sauces.


Opt for raw
Eating more vegetables and fruits is a great way to lose weight.
When you are hungry, just grab a piece of fruit, it is high in fiber and water content. You’ll be fill up with fewer calories and will be less likely to eat other foods.


Make water your go-to drink
A Virginia Tech Study has shown that overweight people have lost an average of 15.5 pounds when they followed a low calorie diet and drank 2 eight-ounce glasses of water before every meal for over 3 months. Make sure you drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day. When you drink more water and less soda you have higher chances of losing weight. Start and finish your meal drinking a glass of water.


Go Meatless More Often
Meat eaters tend to put on more weight than vegetarian. Try eating vegetarian meals more often is a good habit. Eating legume based foods, and other tasty bean burgers are healthy low calorie and simply packed with fiber.

eat vegetables

Get Food Portions Right
Don’t keep the serving dishes on the table at meal time. A research By cornell’s Brian Wansink has shown that people with larger plates, serve more and eat more. If you choose a smaller plate, you’ll automatically eat less. With this simple trick you can loose from 10 to 20 pound per year. According to a “ Consumer Reports Survey” one of the reasons slim people are able to control their weight, is they stick with modest food portions at every meal.


Chew Strong Mint Gum
When you are facing a snack attack,chewing a sugarless gum with a big flavor is a great way to overpower other foods so they don’t taste good.

Don’t Eat In Front Of The Television
You must avoid doing multitask while you are eating. When eating you have to be single-minded in order to increase your awareness about how and what you eat. If you eat while doing things such as driving, playing, or watching the television you are less likely to notice how much you are eating and how full you are feeling.


Drink Green Tea
Is known as a refreshing drink that removes belly fat and boost your metabolism. Some studies have known that green tea can boost the calorie burning engine in your body.Drinking green tea daily is good for weight loss.


Follow The 80/20 Style
Most people are conditioned to keep on eating until they are filled. You can adopt the healthy habit of eating 20% less food. Researches have shown it is an excellent to keep weight off. The 80/20 style is also used to eat good organic food throughout the week, and just one meal of junk food on weekend.
It will help you to reduce your junk food craving and control it.


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