5 steps to unblock your chakra


Chakra meditation consists of working on the different energies that are found within our bodies. The chakra is identified as our energy vortexes which are the opening for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. The reason why we need to unblock our chakras is because these vortexes vitalises our physical body and generate the development of our self-consciousness.

If your chakra is blocked, it will prevent the energies from flowing all throughout our body causing disharmony and resulting in a very negative or pessimistic mood. When your chakra is unblocked you will a life balance which is essential for both mental and physical healing. There are 7 chakras but the focus should be on one chakra at a time. The steps need to be done to perform a chakra meditation are quite simple. Generally, there are 5 techniques used to unblock chakra:

check out this video that explained how to open the chakras in children’s show

Visualization Through Meditation
This technique consists of meditating and clearing your mind to be able to focus on the chakra and visualize the associated colour, in order to achieve your intend goal.

The Crystal Method
This method is based on the use of crystal placed directly on the chakra for a minimum of three minutes and no longer than five.

Sound Therapy
Visit a metaphysical store to find music for this purpose together with a set of detailed instruction.

The Soothing Massage
Another great way to unlock your chakras is to take a full body massage which will help revitalize your vital systems and build up healing.

The Right Mix Of Exercise And Nutrition
You can choose to energized your body and your chakras by practicing sufficient exercise and proper nutrition.


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