7 Benefits of Chakra Meditation

The practice of meditation lines up the seven major chakras with the power of surrounding and the universe. This meditation is quite simple to practice as long as you remember to concentrate only on one chakra each time while having a clear mind.

Concentrate on a particular chakra with your spine straight up while taking a deep slow breath. Begin by concentrating on the root chakra then

continue to work your way down gradually to the crown chakra. While focusing on each one of the chakra visualizes beams of light flashing out of you and going into the earth, the aim is to feel a sense of connection with all the things surrounding you.
Ensure that you remain a comfortable position with no surrounding distraction.
If you choose to take a 30 minutes of daily meditation you can expect to reap many benefits even though all the results are not achieve in a short time

1. Increased your awareness, memory and concentration
2. Developed creativity and better perception
3. Deeper and better sleep, awaking up in the morning more refreshed
4. Reducing stress in your life because you’ll be able to control your emotions

5. Help you improve your general health and well-being. Help you to lower pressure which will help you to avoid heart disease and strokes. Help reduce the effect of stress on people with chronic illness
6. The major chakras of the body will obtain a more balanced and harmonious with one another. That will lead your whole body to become more nourished and balance physically, emotionally and spiritually

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