Anti-Aging Supplements That Have Science Backing Them Up

There are a few anti-aging supplements that have gotten the attention of the public because scientific studies actually back up the fact that they help reduce the effects of aging on your body – and mind.

Polypodium Leucotomos Extrait

For example, PLE (PolypodiumLeucotomos Extract) has been proven to protect your delicate skin from discoloration, sagging and sun damage. The extract is derived from a Central American fern and is said to increase the dose of radiation from the sun that it takes to burn your skin.

Studies are now being performed about the possibility that PLE may prevent skin cancer. Vitamin C is another supplement which has been proven to prevent wrinkles and help your skin glow by decreasing stress in cells – helping them grow and produce naturally.The cells are more apt to regenerate and make your skin vibrant and healthy.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 also protects against wrinkling of skin and helps your internal health and well-being.

It’s an antioxidant that reduces cellular damage that the environment and a poor diet can cause and helps promote new cell growth. Another supplement that can help you remain young both inside and out is Vitamin E.

Scientists have proven that it helps prevent sun damage and can make your skin appear more youthful. Skin regeneration it causes can also help your dead skin slough off.


Glucosamine has been proven to combat sagging and wrinkling skin – actually reducing wrinkles and lines by 34% in studies performed with the supplement. It’s been called a “building block for skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.”

Many supplements are designed to help you prevent aging from the inside out. If you’re not getting the proper diet and live with harmful environmental factors such as pollution and lots of sun, you may need certain supplements which have been proven to help with the situation.

For example, research shows that your body needs coenzyme Q10 to keep functioning properly. Because this supplement decreases with age, it’s vitally important to maintain the proper levels as you age by taking supplements.

It’s important that you take the proper dosage of any supplement. Consult with your doctor if you’re unsure about how much or which ones to take. Discuss your lifestyle with him or her and together, you can come up with a common sense approach about which and how many supplements you should take.

Anti-aging supplements really can keep you feeling and looking young. Study them carefully and choose which ones are right for you.

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