Benefits Of Crystal healing


Crystal healing is one of the popular natural therapies in the world. They are used in different parts of the Globe.
The Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians and others have taken advantage of the healing properties of crystals for generations.
The main purpose of this therapy is lessen or heal the body pain and while it can also relieve severe stress

How does the treatment work?
Someone would ask themselves how the positioning of crystals can have an effect on the well being and health of a person
Well, these precious stones have the ability generate vibrations of energy.
A crystal has the ability to affect the electro-magnetic energy fields and subtle bodies that usually penetrate our physical body.
Crystal absorb, direct and diffuse fields of energy in the body and therefore enable diseased or out of balance parts of the body to find their natural rhythm again

How to use crystals
They are used several ways
1-the easiest way to use them is by wearing them on yourself, putting them in your pocket for instance
2-You can wear them in the form of a pendant or put them in a crystal spiral
3-Space clearing
You can used them in space clearing to keep the energy of a room clear

5661816154390For instance to remove certain energy and keep the energy of the room flowing
4-Color therapy
We can used them in the colors associated with chakra
We will then lay the stone on our body
Putting various colors on different spots of the body
5-Put them around you during meditation or around your bed
6-They are also protect yourself
Crystal can also be used as massage
8-Crystal in water

Crystals are also put into water to charge it, but when it comes to using crystal in water, you have to know what you are doing.
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