get rid of clutter in your house

Haven’t tackled your closet and clothes yet?  While your spouse may say you’re just putting it off or being lazy, your subconscious mind may be avoiding it. Well, here is some tips to help get rid of clutter in your house

Clearing clothes that are currently two sizes too small may mean you have to come to grips with your current weight.  It may mean that you have to admit to yourself you may never lose those 25 or 30 pounds you had dreamed you could.

Of course, you could deal with this easily enough.  Toss those clothes out anyway.  But promise yourself when you do lose that weight, you’ll buy yourself new clothes that are currently in style.

Then dive into investigating the healthiest way to maintain a weight loss program.  (Why not deal with two goals at once!)

Donating books to the local library book sale – books you’ve never read but keep meaning to?  Well, you’re not really procrastinating.  You are just having a difficult time recognizing just how busy your life has become.

You’re probably still mourning that a host of other activities have taken the place of those leisurely evenings when you had a chance to read that red, hot fiction.

Here too, you may be able to deal with this situation.  Donate every book you’ve never read and really don’t think you’ll have time to except for one.  Then place that one prominently in your bathroom.

Yes, you read that right, the bathroom.  Then on your next truly hectic day run into the bathroom at lightning speed (before the toddler notices you’re gone) lock the door, run the water, and measure out the right amount of bubble bath liquid.

Now enjoy a long leisurely bath and oops…look at what just happened to be in here too – that one book you placed during your de-clutterization process.  What a serendipitous coincidence!

Perhaps one of the hardest things anyone can do is clear the house of the possessions of a spouse or other family member who has passed away.  This is an emotionally draining experience.  Yet it’s a necessary step in dealing with the grief.

In this particular instance it’s difficult to find a bright side.  The best one can do is to bring in a trusted family member or friend to help you.  In fact, if the friend can perform the actual physical removal of the items while you explain which things need to go, it will certainly lighten your load.


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