Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki energy?

Reiki as a healing and relaxation method would not be possible without the Reiki energy which is a universal energy or ki that is all around us. What is ki? Ki is the indestructible, universal energy that animates the smallest bacteria and the most gigantic galaxies.

It is the energy that makes life and existence possible. Each person has his own system of ki that is constantly moving inside the body. In other cultures, ki is known as the “life force”, “qi”, “chi”, or “prana”.

Whatever you may choose to call it, it remains the one true source of life in the Universe. Ki is also called subtle energy because it is not visible and, more often than not, we are only able to feel its presence. For example, there are times when you feel that someone is looking directly at you, even if no one is nearby.

What you probably felt was someone’s ki being oriented in your direction. Then there are situations where you feel the urge to suddenly leave, because you fear that something unpleasant is going to happen.

Such events also indicate that you are sensitive to other people’s subtle energies. How about your own subtle energy? Is there a way to experience its presence? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Experiencing ki for the first time is very easy:

  1. Sit up straight on your chair and extend your hands in front of you.
  2. Slowly bring your hands together, but do not allow your palms to touch.
  3. What did you feel when you slowly brought your palms together? Now slowly move your palms away from each other. Do you feel the subtle energy

Discover the 3 Levels of Reiki

Reiki master

Reiki, like other formal disciplines, has distinct levels or degrees of mastery. If you are going to hire someone to perform a reiki healing session for you, it is best if you understood what the other person is capable of doing for you.

People who undergo formal training for reiki are subsumed under three distinct levels or degrees: first degree reiki, second degree reiki, and third degree reiki. A person who undergoes first degree reiki training is taught the broad strokes of using reiki.

Level 1 and level 2

A first degree reiki practitioner is capable of reiki self-healing, or using ki to naturally remedy physical, mental, and spiritual ills.

Now, a person who finishes first degree and second degree reiki training is formally called a “reiki practitioner”. A reiki practitioner has three distinct capabilities: reiki self-healing, applying reiki on another person who is in close proximity, and long distance reiki healing.

Level 3

The third and final level of reiki training focuses on teaching a reiki practitioner how to teach others. A person who is able to finish the third level of reiki training is bestowed the title “reiki master”. A reiki master is very similar to a reiki practitioner, but is trained in using the Master reiki symbol (the fourth symbol of reiki), and he is also capable of holding classes for first and second degree trainees.

If you wish to use reiki energy healing on yourself, you only need to attend First Degree Reiki classes. These classes will familiarize you with your own subtle energy (ki) and, after fulfilling the requirements of the class you will be able to successfully use reiki to heal yourself.


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