What Exactly is Flatulence? 

Flatulence, is a condition wherein a person frequently belches or breaks wind. Note, however, that many people think they have flatulence, but they really don’t, based on the frequency of their breaking of wind; an average adults breaks wind about 14 times per day.

A person who is suffering from flatulence will break wind up to 40 times per day. As you can see, there is a big difference between the normal range and the range that signifies that a person is experiencing flatulence.

Now, it is important for everyone to realize that flatulence can be caused either by a spastic colon (this is the least worrying scenario), or a more severe condition that concerns the GI tract (like a blockage).

Gassiness, on the other hand,is probably one of the most embarrassing conditions known to modern man, because it is actually quite difficult to control belching and breaking wind (especially when you are in public). People who suffer from gassiness often say that the urge to belch or break wind comes unannounced, and it is always an urgent feeling that is very hard to control.

The urge to release gas, either through belching or breaking wind, comes regardless of what the sufferer is doing at the moment. Gassiness, in general, is accompanied by bloating and flatulence. Bloating is described as a generalized tenderness around or about the abdominal region, due to an increase in the volume of intestinal gas.

Some Quick Fixes of Flatulence

If you are suffering from flatulence, I am fairly certain that you have been looking for some easy management techniques for your condition. Here are some easy ways to reduce the impact of flatulence in your daily life.

Use these strategies so you won’t feel that your gassiness is starting to take over your life. It doesn’t have to be that way at all. You just need to know how to handle the symptoms of flatulence, so you can get on with the rest of the things that you have to accomplish throughout the day.

Quick fix # 1: Breaking wind in public can be embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people make the mistake of really forcing out their intestinal gas when they feel the urge to break wind. Instead of forcing it out, try easing out the gas slowly by just letting it exit at its own pace. The sound that you hear when you break wind is actually caused by muscular pressure from the abdomen. No pressure means no sound!

Quick fix # 2: Are you worried about the smell when you break wind? There are two ways that you can fix the smell. You can use cloth patches made with activated charcoal and place them on your pants, or you can take charcoal tablets. Either way, the smell is going to be drastically reduced, because activated charcoal is a powerful odor-absorbing agent.

Quick fix # 3: Avoid eating anything with dairy and simple carbohydrates to reduce the incidence of intestinal upset. An upset stomach may produce more intestinal gas, leading to flatulence.

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