How to know if you are eating too much salt


For many of us, when we decide to eat healthy ,it means reducing salt in our food. So the first things, we do is cut down salt with the hope to be a healthier person.

What is the difference between salt and sodium?

It is not always easy the read the nutritional label on foods. Salt is the name given to sodium chloride. It is the sodium in the salt that can cause health problems. It is essential that you learn to reduce the amount of salt you use.

Reduce salt in your cooking

Include natural herbs such as thyme, mint to season fish and chicken.

It is best not to add salt blindly when cooking. If you first taste the cooked food , it will help you determine the amount of salt you need. When eating out, taste your food first then add salt

Is sea salt better?

Even though you find traces of minerals in sea salt which you’ll not find in ordinary salt, it is just as essential to reduce your intake of sea salt


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