Lack of Motivation to lose weight

Many people report that they never succeed to lose weight because they lack motivation. They said, they will start to see some progress before they start to lost focus and fall off track.

I’ll give you some advice

First thing is that you must have completely clear goal because it is sufficient to say I want to 10 or 20 pounds over and over again. Just having a number in your head is not enough to help you reach your goal.

You have to be able to answer this question “Why do you want to lose weight”
A clear understanding of the “why” plays an essential part of your motivation.
Do you want to look sexier for your wife or husband?
Are you afraid of getting falling sick?
The “why” help you to find reason related to your life. It give you a deeper purpose behind losing weight goal.

1Think wellness not weight loss
When you are on a weight loss diet you must not only set your weight loss goal, but you must also decide to make good healthy food choices. Why not try to eat better every day and stay healthy.

2 Set obtainable goals
The first question you must ask yourself is” Is the goal you are trying to accomplish is obtainable”
It is your responsibility to analyze the situation in order to get a clear idea of what is possible.

3 Limit versus eliminate
Find ways to limit your intake of less healthy foods by reducing the portions and frequency without developing the feeling of deprivation. Studies have shown if you eliminate your favorite foods, it will make you want then more.

4 Be positive
Instead of looking for the changes you aren’t seeing yet, focus on all the positive changes your weight loss diet has brought you.

When you set small obtainable weekly goal you’ll be able to see much easier your progress.If you celebrate every little goal you reach, it will help you to stay motivated. You’ll feel like you are getting closer to the finish line.

6 Wear red clothes
If you are feeling discourage and your energy is low, then wear red, it will boost your confidence and energizes your system.

7 When you failed try again

If you fall short and missed a workout don’t beat yourself up. Just remember you can’t control everything in your life. So it doesn’t have to eliminate all the hard work you have done, neither do you have to start all over just continue from when you left off when you failed.

8 List the consequences of not accomplishing your goal
Make a list of all the possible negative consequences you’ll have to face if you don’t accomplish your goal. Write down the negative consequences of not following you diet or your work out. When you need some motivation, just look at you list

9 Avoid bad influences

Try to stay away from friends, foods that may tempt you to go back to unhealthy habits. Instead go out to find people that will influence your life positively and help you to reach your goals.


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