Live By The Five Pillars of Reiki

Anyone can start learning about reiki – but only the few who can live by its Five Pillars or Five Ideals will be able to succeed in this art. The Five Pillars of reiki constitute the ideal mindset and attitude that a reiki practitioner must possess in order to channel ki more effectively.

The Five Pillars of Reiki are as follows: Just for today, do not be angry. Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, be grateful. Just for today, be honest in your work. Just for today, be kind to yourself and others.

The Five Pillars of Reiki are relevant to Level One, Level Two, and Level Three reiki practitioners. They must be recited daily, and you must meditate upon the wisdom of the Five Pillars regularly. The goal of meditating upon the Five Pillars of Reiki is quite simple: it is done so you can achieve the wisdom and happiness of the great ancient sages.

You cannot be effective in reiki healing if your mind and heart are constantly clouded by mundane concerns and desires. Your spirit must be free of these temporary shackles if you wish to channel pure ki from the Source.

Once your mind and heart become clear, that is the time that you will become one hundred percent attuned to the subtle energy that surrounds us. Until such time, regular meditation will help you achieve a state of mental calm and clarity needed for self-healing and for healing others with reiki.


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