PavLok: The Breaking Bad Habits Wristband

Quitting smoking or losing weight are some of the resolutions that people make at the start of the New Year. Most people ended up never completing their goals. Today there is a shocking new idea call the Pavlok wristband, it is a electronic bracelet that have a main goal which is to send you an electric shock every time you find yourself doing a bad habit or something wrong. You’ll reward yourself when you complete the goal you set and commit to the penalty if you fail. So Pavlok wristband uses a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits

Pavlok pros

Pavlok wristband is a device that was designed to give yourself a shock every time you give in to a bad habit you are trying to get rid of. It can also be used by other people if you chose, to send you a shock they find you misbehaving and giving to any temptation.

There are testimonials all over internet of people who have used it successfully to overcome bad habits whether it is food cravings, smoking, biting nails and many other bad habits.
Research has been shown that more than 40% of our live are spend in habits which can mean for most of us a wasted of time.

The secret of transformation is not trying as harder as you can to overcome your bad habits, but to replace them with good ones. Pavlok wristband is the first system design to help you break bad habits and build good one.

You can enter into the app any goal you want achieve and the corresponding punishment. According to the inventor, the main idea behind the concept is that your brain will slowly begin to associate that negative stimulus with the bad habit you are performing. Overtime, you’ll realize that every time you do the negative action, you’ll get shock and your brain will instinctively feel inclined to stop doing that bad habit. Those shocks can effectively limit the drive for you to do mindless action that you normally do.

People are reporting that one of the main reason it work , it is because it shocks of the bad habit which cause you to stop to about what you are doing and realize that you’re doing something you don’t want to do.

Pavlok cons

You have to be committed to changing your bad habit and willing to shock yourself when you notice it. No device can make you do something you don’t want to do. Pavlok is less useful for bad habits you are unconscious of.

Check out the youtube video here

Pavlok has helped hundreds to quit nail-biting, food craving, overspending, smoking and much more…

Here are a few videos made by people using Pavlok to help them quit smoking, eating and biting nails



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