PCOS is a genetical disease that can be passed on from both father and mother, if they are both carriers of the PCOS inducing gene. Anyone of your parent can pass it on to you, even if they can’t develop PCOS themselves.
Sometimes, the gene may lay dormant and skip a generation, but it doesn’t mean it has disappear, because it may be a reactivated in the next generation.

Androgen and estrogen are found in the body of both males and females. However they must be a balance between those two types of hormones in order for someone to live normally.
A change in your diet, lifestyle and getting involve in physical exercise are solution for people suffering from PCOS.
Even though PCOS doesn’t have a real cure if you know how to control it in addition to your medical treatment, you can reduce the impact of PCOS on your life by changing your diet.

Here are some simple diet guidelines that you can follow:

1-Eat whole food instead of processed food, you’ll feel better. Most people limit their consumption of whole food because cooking your meals at home takes time and natural ingredients for wholesome are expensive. But you body deserves more than just eating fast food. In the long term, it will pay because you’ll be healthier, that will reduce the cost of medication.

2-You have to be aware of the amount for calories you are giving your body daily , how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you are consuming on a daily basis. You need to get a calorie counting references and food charts it will help you to determine the best foods your body need for weight maintenance and weight loss.

3-Go to local producers to buy organic produce food as often as you can. They are more expensive but they are not loaded with pesticides, antibiotics. You will gain a huge advantage over those chemical that can imbalance your hormone levels

Check out this video for some additional tips


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