Powerful PCOS Diet

 I am going to share with you some powerful PCOS diet strategies that can be used to manage polycystic ovarian syndrome effectively. These strategies are being used by physicians worldwide to combat the ill effects of PCOS on women.

  1. As we have mentioned before, avoid beverages that have caffeine. Caffeine is addictive; many people feel the need to consume caffeinated beverages regularly and, if they don’t, they feel that they cannot function well.

Ask someone who has been drinking five to seven cups of coffee per day – he will tell you what it feels like not being able to drink coffee whenever he wanted to. Also, avoid drinking diet soda, as these beverages contain caffeine and artificial sweeteners.  Artificial sweeteners can also wreak havoc on your metabolism.

  1. Many peer-reviewed studies have shown that reducing your carbohydrate intake can do wonders for your body, especially if you are a PCOS patient. To fill the energy gap, you may increase your protein intake; just make sure that you are doing so through fish and vegetables and not through fatty food items, like greasy cheeseburgers.

If you have diabetes, I recommend talking to your physician first, before making any modifications to your diet. This is to ensure that you are physically able to handle the change in your diet and the adjustment period before your body is able to handle the sudden decrease in the available carbohydrates in your diet.

  1. Fill your plate with sources of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates can help tame your appetite, and will also help provide a consistent source of energy for longer periods of time.

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