Risk of long sitting

Why sitting is bad for you?

Research has revealed that sitting for long periods increased the risk of blood pressure,  high blood sugar and even the risk of death from cancer and cardio vascular disease.

Just think a little about the amount of time you spend sitting in a day. Whether it is sitting in front of the television, behind the wheel or behind a desk at work, it can be harmful for your health. In order to be optimally healthy you have to reduce the time you spend sitting

So what is the solution?

You simply stand rather than sit whenever you have a chance and even find ways to walk while you work. Stand while you eat or speak over the phone and integrate as much movement as you can in your daily life.

If you are working at a desk for long hours, it is best to buy a standing desk or even build a counter or a high table

Benefit of walking while working

According to American Heart Association if you can walk 10,000 steps a day which equals 5 miles, it can lead to a 30-70% reduction in rates of cancer and 90% reduction in incidence of heart attacks. So you’ll have to look into readjusting your priorities in order to incorporate about 10,000 steps a day which can improve your wellness and health by leading to a reduction in rates of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease .Using TrekDesk treadmill to walk for as little as 3 hours a day while working will help to meet the minimum guideline of activity.

Lots of people far walk less than half of the minimum requirement, the lack of physical activities lead to a whole lot of chronic health issues and obesity.

What is treadmill desk

It is a desk with unique feature that is designed to allow you to walk slowly while working throughout the day. All you have to do is just place it on your treadmill.

It has incorporated features such wireless headset that keeps your hands free, adjustable desk height allowing you to comfortably work on your computers. TrekDesk has a top stand to put your headset and telephone and a file folder with 3 levels. It has a manuscript holder which allows you to read books and manuscripts while typing, talking and walking.

Treadmill desk also has a generous work space of 34 inches wide by 72 inches long with height adjustable support legs as well as an incorporated ergonomic setting for employees who are 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall. It is really built to allow you to integrate exercise and movement into your daily work routine

More and more people are embracing this concept which allows you to actively engage your muscle while working which is a great way to effectively combat our sedentary lifestyle.


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