Smoothies recipe

More and more people are making smoothies at home. They have become very popular in our modern kitchens because they are not expensive and easy to make.

A food processor or blender is the equipment that all you need when you want to make delicious smoothies. There are lots of information available online concerning food processors that can help you make comparisons between brands. You just have to place technical specifications side by side. When you find a reliable food processor, it’s time to get start.

Before you begin to puree those delicious ingredients, I recommend that you read our best practices guidelines.

1-Start by slicing solid ingredients such as fruits and vegetable into cubes or strips before adding them to the mixer. It will easier to puree them. Whether you are using solid ingredients or softer fruits, you have to slice them to small piece before using them.

2-In certain recipes, you will have to freeze ingredients such as pineapples, strawberries before starting because crushed ice will alter the sweetness of the mixture.
However, you can use crushed ice if you don’t have enough time to freeze the fruit.

If you don’t have crushed ice and you don’t have the enough time to freeze the fruit either, it is best you place the smoothie in your freezer for an hour or more before serving.

3-To make healthier smoothies, you can use honey instead of refined sugar , at that point you can add greens into the mixture as quickly as you can. Making smoothies with leafy vegetable can help you to avoid many health problems.
Leafy vegetables are vital for the body, they contain dietary fiber that can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and cleanse the colon.

Now that you understand the best practices, it is your turn to make smoothies.

Banana Yum Recipe


– Two teaspoons of organic hone.

– One third teaspoon of powdered cinnamon

– One cup of crushed ice
– One half cup of whole milk
– One half cup of yogurt
– Two large bananas


To begin, slice up the bananas in a non reactive bowl then chill them for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Mix the bananas, crushed ice and cinnamon first in the mixer. Now you just need to pursue with the organic honey, yogurt (vanilla flavor) and whole milk.

It is time to puree the mixture for about three to four minutes or until you reach a fine consistency. If you see any large ingredients use a spatula to push them down to the bottom. All the ice has to blend completely with the other ingredients. To finish, you can sprinkle additional cinnamon to decorate. Serve and enjoy.

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