Telemedicine definition

Telemedicine is a new option that allows health care professionals to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients who will rather stay home then go to the doctor office. It also used by medical expertise    to access patients in remote locations efficiently, quickly without the need to travel.

Telemedicine is growing rapidly and is now integrated in the ongoing operations of home health agencies, hospitals, private physician, consumer’s home as well as specialty department and workplaces.

Telemedicine uses information technology to add a new dimension to modern health care. It makes health care more convenient and accessible by simply using the telephone, personal computer and internet. It is one of the best ways to contain the costs of medical care and help raise the quality.

These advances are now using two-way video, wireless tools, smart phones and other forms of telecommunications technology.

Patients can get advice in the security of their home such as:

Medical history and view their test results

Request appointment                    medical-563427_640

Renew prescription

Track chronic conditions

Pay bills

Manage your family’s health

How Does Telemedicine Work?

You can just sit back in the comfort of your home and the let a health care provider check your vitals via video conferencing, remote monitoring of vital signs, transmission of still images by email or electronic health record for interpretation by a physician in another location.

Telemedicine benefits?

1.Patient benefits

Patients don’t have to wait in the doctor office with sick people

Patients access medical expertise quickly without leaving their homes

Patients in remote location can get care when they need it without traveling

Get access to world-class treatment and improved quality of care

2.Provider benefits

Reduces the isolation of physician in distant location

Allows local practitioner to contact clinical experts and their peers when needed

Allows them to participate in education opportunities and grand rounds without traveling

And being away from their patients

What Equipment Do I Need for Telemedicine?

The type of equipment needed depends on the method of telemedicine transmission used and specialty

Video conferencing is a high-speed internet connection with a secure system.

Store and forward technology system requires that you place a software system on your personal computer for the transmission of images to a remote site

Sometime the patient site needs a telemedicine practitioner’s cart in order to be able to use the videoconferencing which includes:




Total exam camera


Digital stethoscope


Example of telemedicine

Telemedicine provides a personalized treatment from a US Board Certified doctors by video, phone.

Once you signup and complete your secure account you’ll be able to log into the member area to make your appointment and speak to a doctor via telephone or online-webcam

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Cutting your doctor bills in half

Check out this video for more information on telemedicine

Every American spend on average of $200 for every doctor visit. With Telemedicine , you’ll be able to visit your doctor without leaving your home while cutting your doctor bill in half

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