The Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki benefits, like other established alternative healing practices, brings to the table a unique set of advantages for the stressed and fatigued individuals of modern society. Before anything else, reiki is a powerful relaxation method that melts away worries, anxieties, and the negative impact of stress on the mind and body.

Reiki does not require special tools or expensive equipment. You can even perform reiki at home if you are familiar with basic energy channeling techniques. Reiki continues to this day because people find comfort and healing when they undergo reiki. Below are some of the physical benefits of undergoing reiki healing:

  1. During a reiki session, physical pain can be dimmed or completely disabled by an experienced reiki practitioner/master. Pure ki, or subtle energy, can be channeled directly unto affected areas of your body, bringing deep and soothing relief.
  1. If you are currently undergoing therapy or have already been prescribed medication for an existing medical condition, reiki can help by boosting the body’s natural healing powers.

Reiki does not claim to be a “cure all” but rather a complementary method that can help magnify the positive benefits of conventional medicine.

  1. Reiki healing is also recommended for individuals who have undergone any kind of surgery. The recovery time for post-operative patients can be reduced if the body receives pure
  1. Individuals who are trying to recover from substance abuse (e.g. illicit substances, alcohol) can also recover more quickly, because reiki helps bring balance to the liver and the other major internal organs.

People who seek energy healing are often exhausted and ill from the pressures of work and modern living. Reiki is effective because it takes away all the unnecessary baggage, and reveals how a person can directly connect with the Source.

Now, in addition to being able to heal the body, reiki can also be used to heal a person’s emotional state. A person’s emotional health and his general outlook in life can both affect general health. If your emotional health is in tatters because of bad memories, or less than ideal occurrences in your life, it’s time for a reiki healing session.

Reiki can help you regain happiness and contentment in life by releasing repressed memories that have been causing deep-seated negative emotions in you. During a reiki session, you may find yourself experiencing an almost overwhelming mix of emotions and memories. This is called “emotional detoxification”.

It might feel overwhelming in the beginning, but trust me; after the reiki session is done you will feel refreshed and free of any repressed memories that have been released during the relaxation/healing session.

Reiki also helps people recover from bad life experiences by introducing pure love into the equation. Ki or subtle energy from the source works so well because it is the epitome of love. It is rejuvenating, unlimited, and pure.


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