The Secret of the Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse diet has been around for more than 60 years now; it originated in the United States, and it has captured (and it continues to capture) the imagination of alternative health practitioners, and weight loss warriors around the world today. The real secret behind the longevity of this detox/weight loss diet is the sole food item recommended during the cleansing phase: lemonade.

Now, the lemonade used in the Master Cleanse is unlike any other lemonade you’ve tried before, because it requires high-grade maple syrup (rich and filled with essential micro-nutrients) and cayenne pepper.

Each of the components of the special lemonade has a purpose; they weren’t put there randomly. Let’s talk about the ingredients, so you will have a better understanding of how the lemonade itself will help you eliminate toxins in the body. Lemons are naturally rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that not only cleans out free radicals in the body – it also prevents diseases and strengthens the immune system.

Enzymes present in ripe lemons also help promote better digestion. Recent studies have also shown that special antioxidants present in lemons and limes are able to combat abnormal cellular reproduction, which could lead to cancer in some cases.

Cayenne pepper also offers the same amazing cleansing effects on the body. The maple syrup, on the other hand, is the energy source of the dieter. The maple syrup will provide 100+ calories of sugar every time it is added in the right quantities to the special lemonade.

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What to Expect During Natural Detoxification

The major advantage of using the Master Cleanse diet is the natural detoxification that will take place immediately when you enter the cleansing phase of this diet.

It’s easy enough to learn the method, but when people are about to try the diet there is a lot of apprehension about what will actually happen when a person undergoes a cleansing diet.

My goal today is to reduce or eliminate the apprehension and anxiety that you may be feeling regarding a cleansing diet. There are many misconceptions about the Master Cleanse that are floating around on the Internet, so I have to clarify several things to ensure that you have the right information. Here is a quick list of things to expect during the Master Cleanse:

  1. You won’t begin the diet abruptly; you have three days to prepare for the Master Cleanse.
  2. You will get enough calories by drinking the special lemonade mix if you follow my directions carefully.
  3. Any discomfort felt during the detox is usually caused by the toxins that are being eliminated by your body naturally.
  4. You will be assisted in eliminating the toxins and accumulated wastes by a crucial step called the daily flushing.
  5. Unless you have a serious medical condition, like kidney failure or liver failure, fasting diets like the Master Cleanse will not pose any harm to your health.
  6. It is normal for a person to feel a little weak during the first three days of the cleansing diet.


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