Top 10 Home Hair Remedies

Many of us are doing all we can to protect our hair, but what happens when it is tarnished by the stress, chemicals, genetics by the environment or just bad luck.

Before you go out hair care and shampoos, you have to be careful because you can further damage your hair. So why not try a few home hair remedies.

The Skinny on Hair
Did you ever think about why your hair looks the way it does and what it is made of?
Hair grows out of the scalp but the hair we actually see once it is externalized it is made up of dead protein. When your hair grows it is grown from follicles that are found in the skin. So it is essential to nourish the follicle not the hair.
Our goal is to keep your hair looking shiny and manageable. You can have a terrible hair day even though you have healthy follicles.

Types of Hair Problems
There are many ways to have a bad hair day so you’ll have to try to understand what is causing yours
We’ll try to go over some of most common causes of hair problems
If you have dry hair needs to be moisturize to put it back in the right way
If your hair look like you stuck your finger in a light socket then you have a frizzy hair but if your hair is just bouncing but not behaving then you have flyaway strands with some dryness
If you have oily hair that could mean that sebaceous glands might be overproducing. It could be possible that you are using the wrong shampoo that is not removing enough of the oil to prevent hair from being weighed down.
Dandruff can be an embarrassing hair, those white flakes give others a bad impression of you.
Dandruff can be caused by an overly dry scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or even other condition
Top 10 Home Hair Remedies
Home remedy can be used to treat all your different symptoms

Honey has many uses including hair. It helps to hold in moisture. Take about ½ a cup of honey and massage it into your wet hair then let sit for about 20 minutes. To finsish wash it out your hair with warm water.

2.Eggs –
Raw egg can be used as a conditioner for all types of hair.your hair is correctly conditioned when the follicle has the right amount of oil lubricating. When the scalp it will prevent dry scalp flaking.egg white is great to help oily hair while egg yolks alone are perfect for dry hair


3.Oil your scalp
If you have a dry and itchy scalp then lemon juice, water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil


4.Avocado and mayo
Mix avocado and mayo to create a conditioner for fizzy hair, make a paste take about ½ cup of avocado and double that amount of mayonnaise. Then apply the paste thoroughly to your entire head then cover it with a plastic cap for 20 minutes. Wrap a hot towel around your head or you can choice to sit under a hood dryer. To finish,wash it out

5.Wash with baking soda
Apply the baking soda to your hair by rubbing well into your scalp, then rinse it out and dry it.After a few weeks, you should start to see your hair producing natural oils that will nourish the scalp to produce less flakes. You can then go back to shampoo.


Beer is made from hops which a plant and it is a good moisturizer with its nutrients. When applied to hair it is a great rinse for frizzy and dull hair. You have to first let it sit on your hair then wash with cold water.

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They can be used as hair rinse for dandruff and itchy scalp. Take the half of a lemon and squeeze the juice on your scalp and massage it in. Squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of water that you’ll use then to rinse the hair thoroughly. If you use it daily you can expect dandruff to disappear in no time. Add aloe Vera gel and lemon juice to your shampoo to fight oily hair.


It all begins by pouring the salt directly on your scalp then scrubbing thoroughly by gently. The abrasive salt is effective for reducing dandruff, it will remove dry flaky skin before using your shampoo


9.Carbonated water
Carbonated water is used to rinse frizzy hair. The frizz is reduce by the lower pH of the water. You can make your own carbonated water by using a soda siphon and purchase it.


10.Apple cider vinegar
It is used as a rinse for oily hair. First wash your hair with water and baking soda, then add a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water.


Using natural homemade remedies to help solve the problem with your hair have a few advantages. First of all it’s cheaper and secondly your hair will be exposed to fewer chemicals that can further damage your hair instead of fixing it.


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