Top 10 Home Stomach Remedies

If you are feeling strange after a spicy meal, or after trying a new food or even after a stressful day. The only answer may not be to run to the pharmacy and grab something. You may want to consider home remedies as your first line of defense.

What’s Wrong with my stomach?
When you are experiencing stomach pain or discomfort, you’ll need to know if the problem could be situational or a chronic problem and find the right types of remedies that will alleviate your symptoms.
You have to know yourself
When investigating you must not overlooked food because a lot of people are suffering from food sensitivities. You have to understand that not just because you could eat something before it doesn’t mean that you haven’t developed sensitivity to it now
Check your lifestyle; are you living a stressful life? Too much stress can lead to unhealthy lifestyle that affects the digestive system.
Top 10 Home Stomach Remedies
Home remedies can be helpful for occasional symptoms of stomach discomfort, so I’ll encourage to give some of these a try.

1.Baking soda
Baking soda is an old household remedy but it works. Add the sodium bicarbonate to a glass of water, it helps upset stomach and neutralize acid. Make sure you follow the directions. Avoid using it regularly if you have high blood pressure.

2.Eat caraway seeds
They can be helpful that you are experiencing symptoms of gas and slow digestion. Steep a teaspoon of them in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes then strain it and drink or you can even chose to eat a teaspoon of them.


Honey is very beneficial to the human body because it contains natural bee immunity. Taking a tablespoon of it can help sore throat pain and constipation.


4.Chewing gum
When you are having heartburn, you can choose a natural chewing gum, it will help increase saliva production which decreases stomach acid production.


5.Increase fiber content
Fiber request more energy to process, so it will keep your digestive system moving. If you increase you intake of fiber it can help prevent constipation.

6.Fresh mint
Peppermint is used to quiet regular digestion and nauseous stomachs. Steep dried peppermint leaves in a tea or nibble some fresh ones.

It has great anti inflammatory properties which can help to ease digestion and related stomach pains. Pour some ground ginger into hot water, strain then drink.


8.Sesame seeds
Just eating about half an ounce can combat constipation and ease your digestive system.

9.Lemon water
Squeeze some lemon juice in warm water can stomach pain related to upset stomach. Lemon is a great detoxifier.

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10.Aloe Vera
It can be just as good for outside as for the inside. It can relief pain in the stomach as well as in the esophagus. It is sometime use as a laxative.


All of us has suffer from a stomach issue at one moment or another. Instead of visiting the kitchen cabinet, why not try a natural homemade remedy that may ease your pain faster than think.


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