Top 10 ways to Eat Healthy To Lose weight

At the beginning of every new year, we usually set our goals to eat more healthy and lose a few pounds.

We begin with a heart loaded with zest and end up failing or worse not even beginning.
There are many simple ways to include more healthy eating in your diet that don’t require too much compromising.


1)Try new things
Try to include something new every other day in your diet. You may prefer to incorporate whole grain bread instead of plain white bread or fruit or vegetable that you are not accustom of eating.


2) Be More colorful

Considering foods of different colors can be a new and interesting way to look at your diet. Check out the different food group to find food you truly enjoy, for example you can try a yellow pepper instead of an orange one. You can even choose you theme color every week inform your office friends and get them to join you in this new adventure of eating healthier.
Ask everybody to get involve by bringing in a new vegetable or fruit once a week. The most creative and tasty food will be given a small prize or incentive at the end of each week make it fun and enjoyable to everyone


3)Concentrate on adding new things instead removing things.
One of the first thoughts that come to the mind of many individuals when they consider eating healthy is to remove several things from their diet. The approach to this problem is to start your new healthy eating venture by including new things to your diet. You will be more satisfied and less tempts to eat junk or unhealthy foods.


4) Start Where You Shop
Make sure you don’t buy ice cream, cake or cookies because they will be easy to access and you will have less willpower. Remember the old adage that said if it is in the house, you will eat it.


5) Do Not Deprive Yourself
If you are craving for snacks or whatsoever one of the worst things. You can to deprive yourself from it. I have to find an alternative to high calorie snacks which will still keep you completely satisfied


6) Use more healthy substitutions
If you find it difficult to resist you craving and you still want to keep some of your favorite foods in your diet. The solution is to find a substitution. Try grilled fish instead of fried fish. Try natural plain yogurt instead of ice cream. Go for honey instead of sugar



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