Top 10 ways to kick a bad habit

When you want to overcome a bad habit, you first have to be aware of it then you have to take action. Having the desire to end a bad habit is not enough, action steps are necessary.

1)Start from consciousness

When you realize that you are no longer in control a bad habit, it has taken deep root, the first step you have to take is to become aware of  that fact. When you become conscious of that situation and that you are submissive and not in control ,you can say that you have taken very first and most important step.

First you’ll find yourself making every excuse you can find to try to ignore that bad habit. In the beginning your consciousness of the bad habit will lead you to a new awareness, even though it might be difficult at first you can put in under control.


2)Embrace the habit for the role it played in your life

In order to allow the negative connotations of a bad habit to go away. You have to embrace it’s role and the role it played in your life. Sometimes, smoking a cigarette at night can help to face a painful experience or perhaps a few beers might be a way to relieve tension. So you’ll allow yourself to move forward to the next step when you embrace the role that bad habit had on your life


3) Acknowledge that this bad habit is no longer necessary

By realizing that this bad habit might have been necessary for a short time, but now it does not serve that purpose anymore. It is easier for you to release it and move forward, because you acknowledge that it is no longer a necessary part of your existence.


4)Create an action plan

When trying to kick that bad habit it is needed to put together a plan of action on paper with a clear goal will be a great help. When you take that type of action you’ll know where you are at the moment and where you want to head to.



5) Set smaller goals that lead to the big one

When starting a plan of action, you can’t just list something like “ I want stop drinking alcohol, however it is important to start off with smaller goals such as “ I will only drink 2 glasses of wine per day or “I will do a research to find clinically proven methods to stop drinking alcohol. For most people when they go cold turkey on any goal, it will lead to failure and return to the bad habit.

6)Make sure you have an accountability partner

When you start your plan action, it is necessary to partner someone to be accountable to, its worth gold.

Finding someone you trusted to check up on your progress every day is really necessary. Having an accountability partner will help you to keep your word or reach you everyday  goal. This might be the incentive you need to move forward.

7)Seek to help of professionals

It might be necessary to look for the help of a professional  in your area because sometime, the cause of your addiction  can be rooted a chemical imbalance or an addictive personality. You can also seek counsel from trusted family members or friends.

8)Track your progress

You will be amazed to see how writing down your progressions is a great tool to keep you motivated.

Looking at your progress daily to see where you began and how you are progressing little by little to your goal is very motivating. Those little steps can be the most propelling

9)Join a support group

Joining group with people, who are suffering from the same bad habit as you, can be very helpful. There is something comforting when you meet people suffering from the same problems, thoughts or feeling as you do.

10)Never give up

Never quit under any circumstances, even when it gets harder you must continue towards your goal. Looking to see how far you have come and how much progress you have made in order to reach your goal , while keeping your eyes on the reward for yourself will outweigh all the difficulties you need to overcome to kick the bad habit

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