Top 10 ways to relieve stress


We are all aware of stress and the negative effects, it has on our health, peace and happiness. Whether you are young or old, we are all affected by stress in one way or another.
Young people may be affected by the stress of obtaining a college degree or the difficulties to find a job. While the older individuals, it may the difficulties they have to face at work and raising a family.

How to relieve stress

The best way to relieve your stress is to focus on how to relax your body and mind. You can start by practicing one or two of these tips until you find that work for you. You have to practice them until they become habits to turn to when you start feeling stress.


1-Prepare yourself beforehand                                                
If you know you will be facing a stressful day or event, prepare yourself beforehand, it is a great way to reduce your stress. By preparing yourself in advance, it can reduce all the unnecessary stress. Take a deep breath, go for a long walk can help release stressful and negative emotions.


2-Take a time out

Stress is most of time overlooked and easily accepted as part of the daily life. Even if it will occur once in a while, it should not be accepted. We have to change up for making it part of who we are. It is important to step away when it does occur. Take a deep breath take some time off. It is a great way of avoiding further stress.


3-simplify your life
You should think about getting rid of clutter, it can cause some serious stress. For many individuals has become a difficult commodity. Take a weekend and engage the family in a plan to simplify your household.


4-Get enough sleep
Sleep plays an essential part in how your day will turnout. Take notes for a week or two to understand how much sleep you need in order to feel good during the day and be more creative.


5-Talk it out
Find someone who has some time and is willing to listen to you. Let them know, that you are not necessarily looking for someone to offer an advice but just to listen while you simply vent. This is one of the best ways to relieve stress, it works wonders. It will help you to gain a new perspective.


6-Incorporate ancient healing art
Practicing relaxation can be very helpful. These are many type of yoga and meditation, but the most important is to find something that you adore and that works for you. During weekends, lunch break or after work can be ideal time to practice relaxation technique such as Tai Chi . Once you understand the benefit of relaxation, it is then easier to include it into your weekly schedule.


7-Hydrate yourself
If you are properly hydrated, it will help you to feel at your best. A glass of iced green or water will refresh you and keep you from feeling sleepy and less irritable.

8-Walk it off
Go out to take a walk, it is a great way literally walk away from a situation. Walking will give a clear insight to what generating your stress. It will reduce your stress and help clear your mind.


9-Plan a mini get away
Find creative ways to save some money every month. Set a goal to take a vacation even if it is only a weekend. When you know, you have something to look forward to, it will help to reduce your stress.


10-As simple as this may sound
As simple as this may sound, knowing that you are fine in that exact moment no matter what the future holds can generate the stress of the future.


Stress does not have to be a component of our daily life. By practicing these tips ,stress will not be a constant of our life. You will have a control on your stress rather than stress controlling your life.


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