Use Home Remedies to Cure Bad Breath

home remedies

Bad breath in most people is due to the bacteria that are thriving within the mouth.  But, there are a few other factors that can cause bad breath as well.  Gum diseases and tooth decay might be the source for some people.  Or even complications through the digestive tract or some types of throat infections might also be the cause of bad breath.  People have been dealing with trying to cure bad breath for generations and through the years they have come up with a few home remedies that work really well.

Clean Your Mouth After a Meal

Of course the most obvious home remedy to cure bad breath is to simply make sure that you clean your mouth after a meal.  By not allowing food particles to settle into unforeseen caverns with in the mouth, you are stopping the cycle of bacteria with in the mouth.  On the other hand, bad breath is sometimes cured by eating something else.  Some people have found that chewing on mint leaves will freshen your breath.  You can also chew on sunflower seeds after a meal and drink a glass of water with them.  Have you ever wondered why many foods are served with parsley on top?  It used to be that fresh parsley was served after a meal because eating the parsley cured the bad breath odors left over by the tasty meal.  While eating fresh parsley will still cure bad breath, parsley has been moved form its own special plate, to the side of the main dish to on top of the main dish.  Plus, mint leaves and parsley are not the only herbs that can help rid you of bad breath.  Some people swear that by chewing on clove after a meal on a daily basis will help in your bad breath fight.

Using lemon

Plus, there are several other different types of food s you can try to win your battle with bad breath.  You can squeeze a lemon into a glass and gargle it throughout the day.  Or, you might want to try drinking a cup of hot unsweetened green tea to help rid your self of bad breath.  You can also try drinking a cup of tea made from Fenugreek (methi) seeds.  Some people have found that drinking pineapple juice will varnish the foul smell of ones mouth.  Or, eating apples on a daily basis is also good for mouth purification because it removes the bacteria that cause bad breath.  Also, chewing cardamom seeds will sweeten your breath with its aromatic flavor acting as a breath freshener.

Baking Soda

There are also some non foods that will cure your bad breath problems.  You have all heard the commercials that promote the use of baking soda in their toothpaste.  Well, gargling with a mixture of baking soda and water will remove bacteria and help clean the tongue as well.  Eating foods that are high in zinc helps to prevent bad breath because it keeps the bacteria within your mouth in check.  You can also use hydrogen peroxide as a tongue cleaner to kill bacteria.

While there are plenty of home remedies that will cure your bad breath, nothing can substitute good oral hygiene.  See your dentist if you need tips on what you are not doing right when it comes to your oral hygiene routine if you continue to suffer from bad breath.


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